Christie Brindmore, MT

Christie Brindmore is a seasoned Massage Therapist, new to Minnesota, and thrilled to be accepting clients at PhysiYo for therapeutic massage needs.  Her extensive schooling at National Holistic Institute in California, and continued practice of various modalities for the past 20 years, has given her a wide range of techniques to draw from.  Christie has 2 children who have also contributed to making her a better Massage Therapist, in that she gained the gift of trusting intuition as a guide in Motherhood, which translated into her work with massage techniques.  Clients will likely find that Christie can work slowly and thoroughly as needed to promote the gradual release of soft tissue in stressed or injured areas throughout the body.  Open minded and flexible, you will find your time with Christie to be different each time you visit, based on your current condition, but also your emotional state.  Each session will be catered to your needs.  

Because she can work so deeply, she must take the time to gradually increase pressure to get the deep release sometimes needed to decrease pain, increase mobility and get work done.  Sometimes, there is a need for lighter touch and more time spent on areas of your body that bring deeper peace and relaxation.  All of this can be combined to ensure your experience is therapeutic, but also satisfying and relaxing.  Because of this, Christie loves giving 90 minute massages!